Nutmeg’s Dev Diary 2.01502

Regarding the TenFour project, still running into issues with getting the entries saving to the CBSD (Central Bluff Street Database). I am worried about speed of transferring all the data from everyone’s personal tablet to the CBSD.I know Salami Hoo approached me to build an app for the COS tablet so every night we can share what we all grateful for, but unless I totally rewrite the CBSD structure, I just don’t think we can handle everyone filling out 14 lines of text every single night.

Based on the latest test I did however manage to consistently save seven lines of text per entry with no dip in performance of the CBSD nor the tablet. I had to modify the network signal of the input module of the CBSD to accept a proposed heavy increase numbers of text files per minute.

If my test results are accurate then we should be fine with 1000 files per minute.

Next on my punch list for this project is to write a small echo script file so Salami Hoo can select the entrys that he wants to publish in the morning. Maybe if I have time left over I can write a randomizer for him so he doesn’t have to review them at all.

Hopefully he will be at bingo tonight and I can talk to him about reducing the number of entries per player from 14 down to 7. Maybe call it Five Plus Two or something

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