Lin’s Discovery

Bongo grows frustrated as the eating habits of the red heads continue to evade him and Lin’s research.

They are simply not eating Lin” Bongo says frustrated in the fact they have yet to witness the red head bugs eat anything.

Bongo grabs the petri dish and walks by the various size glass tanks that align the back wall of Lin’s research lab and proceeds to empty the dish into the tank marked ‘Bongo’s Red Heads’. It wasn’t too long ago the tank housed only a handful of red heads that Bongo managed to find. Now by Bongo’s last count it is well over two hundred and continues to increase every week.

Well we know they do in fact eat because the food we leave in the tank is gone by the next morning”  Lin encourages Bongo. “Don’t worry Bongo we will document their eating habits in no time

The red heads from the petri dish mix back in with the others and the three blackberries bongo used lands at the bottom of tank. None of the red heads are remotely interested in the food.

Time of test is half past six and blackberries resulted in no change of behavior” Bongo states to Lin so he can document the results in the research journal app. “Well I guess I should head home and work on my homework.  Pip is having us work on our multiplication tables” As Bongo begins to gather his belongings.

Lin, who invented the multiplication table” Bongo asks curiously as he looks at his blank homework assignment.

“Good question Bongo” Lin turns to Bongo and smiles as he knew Bongo will ask such a question. “The oldest multiplication table using the base 10 number system dates back to around 305 BC in China which they used sticks or slips of bamboo

Lin takes ten red vine candies out of lab coat and lays them out side by side and proceeds to explain the history of the Tsinghua Bamboo Slips. As Lin dives into Bongo continues to listen and continues to ask about everything he doesn’t understand.

An hour goes by and the alarm on Bongo’s COS tablet begins to vibrate.

Oh man I have to go Lin” I was suppose to be home an hour ago. Tomorrow I think I will try blueber…” Bongo’s voice begins trails off as he quickly leaves the research lab.

Lin returns to his computer and enters today’s test results into the file labeled “RED HEAD”. After the sun has long been set and nine red vines now safely secured in his own stomach, he begins to gather the various things he is going to take home and starts to close up the research lab. Grabbing the last red vine in his hand he walks over to the glass tanks and makes sure all is safe and sound for the night.

Lin stops for a second at the tank marked “Bongo’s Red Heads” and notices the blackberries are all but gone in the tank. Lin begins to chew on his last red vine.

“Of course you all eat when Bongo and I aren’t watching..You all have stage fright and don’t like eating in front of people or something?” Lin asks the bugs as if they can understand him.

Here maybe some candy will calm your nerves” Lin opens the top of the tank and throws a half chewed red vine in the tank.

No more than a millisecond later when the red vine lands on the bottom of the tank a swarm of red heads cover every dixie bluffton of it. Lin looks on with amazement, quickly grabbing his COS tablet to document the event.

Nine o clock: The red heads begin to swarm the stick of red vines. as they swarm around it, the red vine begins to change color.  The red vine stick of candy is now a green vine stick

Bongo.. Bongo come quick, they are eating, the are EATING”  Lin excitedly messages Bongo. “I will be right over please don’t feed them anything until I get there” Bongo replies.

As Lin awaits Bongo arrival he carefully reaches his furry hand inside the tank and with tweezers in between his fingers he picks up the red vine which is now green and places it on a pedri dish and adjusts the microscope.

Amazing” Lin practically falls out of his chair as he eyes glued to the microscope.

It’s my turn, let me see. I am the scientist” an out of breathe Bongo states as he rushes into the lab.

Right you are, I was just setting it for you Mr. Bongo” Lin laughs as he adjusts the seat for Bongo and helps him into position

Oh  Lin the red head bodies are no longer clear, they are green!” Bongo continues to give a play by play with everything he witnessing. “It looks like the red vine is still red but the large numbers of red heads covering the red vine makes it appear as though the candy is in fact green.

Bongo watches the red heads eat the candy until there is nothing left. As the food disappears so does their bodies return to a clear state.

That was amazing Lin” Bongo hops and skips to the tank and returns the red heads to the their tank.

Do you think they only eat candy Lin?”

Maybe Bongo, Maybe.  But what I do know after reviewing all our past experiments is that they appear to only eat at night” Lin states to Bongo  as he finishing up the last part of the file.

“That is a hypothesis right Lin

Lin pats Bongo on the head. “Yep that is exactly right Bongo. Now what is your hypothesis?”  Lin asks

After a second or two Bongo states his hypothesis “My hypothesis is that red heads bodies change color based on what they eat”

Ok so what is your procedure to prove or deny your hypothesis?” Lin queries Bongo to guide him in the scientific method

Bongo begins to outline his plan and Lin types it into file.

Scientist: Bongo Terrapin
Hypothesis: The bodies of Red Heads change color based on what they are eating
Time of day: every day at nine at night, Location: Research Lab
Day 1: Blueberries
Day 2: Green Beans
Day 3: Oranges
Day 4: Popcorn
Day 5: Blackberries

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