Homer sits and thinks some more

Salami Hoo and Bluffians have a problem within the corn fields, Luckily with Homer S’s wit and brains he comes up with a plan.

On the outskirts of Bluff Street lies an open field that every spring the Bluffians join together and plant corn. You see Bluffians absolutely love corn. Popcorn, corn on the cob, corn chowder, corndogs, they love corn in any form. Every fall they even have a corn harvest party.
Last fall, the harvest did not produce enough corn to satisfy the Bluffians. You see, the crows ate most of the crop and left little for the Bluffians.  Salami Hoo decided that this spring he was going to hire a scarecrow to scare away the crows.  He searched high and low for the perfect scarecrow, he interviewed many and finally found the perfect one.  Mr. Homer S. Scarecrow was hired and for the small price of 20 jbeans per day.
Mr. Homer S. Scarecrow found the perfect spot in the middle of the cornfield.  The Bluffians built a nice wooden stand so that Homer S. (as he preferred to be called) could stand tall and watch from all directions for those pesky crows.
For the first week, Homer S. did not see one single crow.  The Bluffians were pleased that Homer S. was doing such a fine job. Then on Wednesday of the following week, a crow was circling the cornfield. Homer S. watched, and just when he was about to wave his arms to shoo the crow away, the crow flew right near Homer S and then landed right smack dab on Homer S.’s shoulder.

Hello Mr. Scarecrow,” stated the crow.  “My name is Corn E. Crow, because I love to eat corn.  What is your name?” asked the crow.

My name is Homer S. Scarecrow, but I like to be called Homer S for short,” he replied.

“Tell me a joke then,” Corn E Crow said.

“A joke?” Homer S pondered.

“Why yes, I love jokes, and since your name is Humorous, I figured you were a jokester!”

“Do you love jokes more than corn?” Asked Homer S. (he didn’t want to correct the way Corn E Crow pronounced his name until he answered the question).

“Oh Yes! I’d rather hear jokes than eat corn” stated Corn E. Crow.

Homer S. thought for a few minutes and decided to try and use this information to his advantage. “Mr. Corn E. Crow, I have a great proposition for you,” Homer S stated, “If I tell you a joke once a day, will you not eat the corn and also make sure your other crow friends don’t eat it either?”

“Why yes!” Stated Corn E Crow stated, “my other crow friends love to hear jokes much more than eating corn!”

Homer S. went one step further to ensure that Corn E. Crow would keep his word, by proclaiming that every day a Corn E joke would be told. Corn E. Crow felt very important.
Homer S then stated in a booming voice, Today’s Corn E joke of the day is:
Why did the bicycle fall over?
Because it was too tired
Corn E. Crow flapped his wings with delight and said that was the funniest joke he ever heard!

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