His Sole

Stuart opens up about his true feelings regarding graduation as he and Salami play impromptu game of ‘rock kick’

I like the wings you picked out Stuart”  Hoo states while running his index finger along a circular pattern on Stuart’s butterfly wing.

ummm Thanks I guess” Stuart responses while kicking small pebbles into the nearby lake.

Salami Hoo noticing Stuart unease and uninterested look upon his face while talking about the pair of wings he picked out during the pre-graduation  event.  Salami rolls a pebble between his toes and begin to follow Stuart’s lead and kicks it into the lake  secretly hoping it goes  further than Stuart’s past attempt.

Why do you want to be a butterfly? Is it because it is your destiny?”  Salami  asks as he reminded of what his dad always told him

We as owls always ask the who questions but the why questions should be asked just as often

I guess but I don’t want to be. I like being a caterpillar that is who I am”  Stuart  answers the question holding back some of rationale as he finds a mid size pebble and surprises Hoo by the distance it goes across the lake.

Why?”  asks Salami Hoo

I am afraid Salami”  Stuart sits on a large rock with his head down in shame

I am scared of heights, I have no desire to flap around in the air like that

Salami Hoo, a young owl thinks to himself puzzled about the prospect of how his own life would be if he was afraid of heights.

So you want to be a caterpillar forever?

Stuart Rufio nods as he watches Salami’s pebble dance on the lake’s water for a second before sinking two inches further than his last kick

Salami Hoo puts his wing on Stuart Rufio to comfort him, “Well then Stu, I guess we have to figure out how to protect your feet for they were not designed to last forever

Stuart smiles as the thought that he doesn’t have to go through with the graduation and become a butterfly after all “How about I  make shoes for my feet, you know like the shoes the humans wear

Salami Hoo begins to laugh at the idea,  “Bluffians don’t wear shoes Stuart

Getting confidence back and holding his head high, selects a fairly large pebble and with the might of all his feet launches  it a good five feet further than Salami’s last attempt.

Stuart turns to Salami and channeling Salami’s father


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