Burning Wax

In between games, Salami Hoo often finds time to tend to the Candle Wall. He usually visits the wall alone but this particular evening he is accompanied by a curious young Bongo.

Why are you doing that?” Bongo asks as Salami Hoo angles his candle so that the liquid wax pours into a plastic mold.

Because that is how the Candle Wall works Bongo,”  he responds as he concentrates his attention so the wax doesn’t spill on to his feathers.

The plastic mold that is holding the melted wax is in the shape of a thin circle disk with the same diameter of the candles that reside along the wall. The wall itself is about 150 blufftons across and 12 blufftons high and a candle holder every half bluffton apart. Each candle is of various heights as they all continue to burn. The wall is rather impressive to look at but even more so when gazing upon it when the sun is set, and the moon is high above in the sky.

As the liquid wax in the mold begins to cool, Salami Hoo and Bongo Terrapin walk along the wall of candles and stops at a red and blue striped candle that is easily one of the shortest candles found on the wall.
Who’s candle is this one?” Bongo asks Salami who finds the whole thing fascinating.

I don’t really know Bongo,” he replys as trying to carefully removes the wax from the mold tray in hopes the wax keeps the disc form.

With the wax disc in one wing, he lifts the red and blue striped candle from the holder and securely pushes the wax from the mold to the bottom of the candle. Salami Hoo’s green wax disc is now a part of the red and blue and now green striped candle.

There, now this one can burn a little longer,” Salami Hoo proudly states.

If all the candle needs is wax to burn, why doesn’t everyone just make the wax discs and apply it to there own candles?” Bongo scratches his head as he continues to ask questions so he understands how everything around him works.

That is not how candles or the candle wall work,” Samali Hoo smiles as Bongo continues to learn and take notes regarding everything that Salami Hoo is doing.

You see Bongo, when you have a candle on the candle wall, you are making a commitment to keep your candle burning brightly.  All these candles require wax to burn but you can’t reuse your own wax on your candle, new wax needs to come from other candles.” Salami spreads both of his wings out to point to all the candles.

Is that why they all have different colors?

Exacally” Salami Hoo pats Bongo on the head as he proudly feels Bongo grasps the candle wall.

Why do you even have a candle Salami

Well, people light candles on the wall for all sorts of reasons, Bongo,”  Salami reflects as images of his dad pop in his mind. One such vivid image is his dad throwing a green duffle bag over his wing and handing Salami his hat. For me, I lit my candle the day after my dad left for his trip because I missed him greatly.

Bongo, while looking down the wall as the sun begins to set, thinks about his older brother. “Tomorrow Salami can you teach me how to make a candle?

Of course,” Salami says as he pours wax from his candle to form another disc.

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May your candle always have a beautiful flame and when the wax gets low, let me know and I can share my candle wax with you

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