Bongo’s Discovery

What in the world is this Lin?” Bongo asked, grasping for air as he ran over to Lin’s workshop as fast as his legs could take him.

Lin leans back and takes the glass bottle from Bongo’s extended hand that was excitingly shoved less then 2 inches from Lin’s face.

Ha! I have no idea Bongo, but let’s take a closer look under the microscope shall we” Lin smiled at Bongo for he knows the great joy Bongo has with all of his tools in the workshop, especially his microscope. He always finds random items to inspect on the slides.

Bongo is the type of kid who is always exploring the world around him and often times inquiring about things, to the annoyance of most. After five back to back questions, most Bluffians start to find him bothersome. Lin is different, he never seems to mind Bongo’s consistent questioning and at times rather enjoys it. Bongo’s spirit reminds him of his youth.

Lin asks for assistance in setting up the microscope as he opens the bottle and, with a pair of tweezers in hand, ever so gently transfers the tiny thing from Bongo’s warn out bottle to a freshly cleaned petri dish.

Lin, why do we say ‘pair of tweezers’ when it is just one?

Is each pointy end called a tweezer?” Bong inquires as he watches Lin concentrate with all his might transferring the tiny unknown thing

Good question, Bongo,

We can research that later okay? Right now let’s figure out what this thing is,” says Lin while his eyes fixated at the task at hand, tongue slightly sticking out as the level of concentration increases.

Lin briefly looks down the lens of the microscope and adjusts the magnification to remove the blurriness

My eyes aren’t what they used to be Bongo, mind taking a look and telling me what you see?” he said as he stepped down from the chair.

Sure I will Lin” Bongo proudly states, trying to sound as professional as possible, as though imitating a successful scientist.

Lin helps Bongo onto the chair and reaches underneath the base to raise it just far enough for Bongo to reach the microscope. Lin watches with amusement as Bongo’s neck grows out of his shell attempting to reach it.

Holy Moly! What is this thing Lin?” Bongo yells as his eyes practically glued to the eye sockets of the microscope watching with great excitement as the tiny thing in the petri dish flew around.

I have no idea Bongo, I didn’t see anything. My old eyes had a hard time trying to find the thing,” Len said, “What do you see?

No problem Lin, I will help you research and document this creature,” Bongo says as he begins his highly detailed description.

It is definitely alive Lin. It is a bug of some sort…with wings like a fly but not as boring to look at. It appears red in nature…but not completely red. like half red,”  Bongo pauses as he adjusts the microscope settings. “Yes totally half red. Only the face or head part is red the rest of the thing is white or maybe even clear I can’t tell. The body sort of matches that of the bottom of the microscope.

Lin records everything Bongo is saying into his app on the computer tablet.

Hmm, I never saw such a thing,” Lin mentions to Bongo.  “Because it seems we have discovered a new creature we have to give it an official name.

Red Heads!” Bongo proclaimed with great confidence.

Lin laughs out loud as he labels the new entry “RED HEAD”


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