Apple, Lighting Bolt, Ice Cream Cone and a Thumbs Up

The Office of the Bit is holding a meeting to discuss better ways to secure data due to someone breaking into Stuart’s shoe store and stealing all the Bluffian’s feet info

But how can I make sure that my customer data for my store isn’t stolen again Nutmeg?” a furious Stuart raises his hand during the monthly meeting of the “The Office of the Bit”

“What data was stolen again Stuart?” Nutmeg asks Stuart as she sits at the head table overseeing the meeting with Mace sitting to her left.

All my customer’s heel to toe length, arch length and width of each of their feet” Stuart recites from memory the screen that displays all the collected data.

I see…pretty personally information I take it?” inquires Mace who is assisting Nutmeg with writing down the minutes of the meeting.

Yes very personal,would you like people to know that you have very large feet but the arch of your left foot is slightly smaller then your right Mace?” Stuart says realizing that he just exposed Mace’s private feet information. “Umm I mean hypothetical speaking of course” Stuarts attempts to correct himself

Yes of course hypothetically speaking” Mace smiles, for it seems Stuart is the only one in the meeting who considers a Bluffian’s foot information as highly coveted private intel.

To answer your question Stuart.  I can’t promise that the your system can’t be broken into and someone stealing your data. Even though I don’t view information about our feet as all that personal.  I do recognize that the information is important to you and we need to work together to create a more secure way to store stuff.” Nutmeg stands up and walks over to the brain board

The brain board is one of first tools the Bluffians used to communicate and discuss ideas to improve the life. It is comprised of a fairly large slate stone attached to two equality sized wooden planks fastened to each side by rope. Even though the brain board isn’t used much anymore since the rise of the the COS tablet. Nutmeg always insists on using it when brainstorming ideas during The Office of the Bit meetings.

Alright Bluffians. Let’s hear some ideas on how we can better protect our information and content. Nutmeg attempting to get the conversation started.

The Tamburello bothers look at each other and shout almost in union. “A Wooden Box

um ok good” Nutmeg draws a box on the brain board. “And how would this wooden box work?” she asks the brothers.

Othello looks at Carmello, “Well we would build a square with four sides and a bottom that are attached to each other as well as a top that will be separate and you can place things inside the square and place the top and secure the top with rope and a pad lock. ” Othello wings his response as it is clear not much thought has gone into it

The might be good for physical things but what about things like Stuart’s customer data?  Would you guys build a wooden box that fits his files.” Carmello looks over at Othello and shrugs his shoulders. I have no idea it was all Othello’s idea.

Anyone else?  Right now we a wooden box as our solution to this problem”   Nutmeg again attempts to incourage the audience to participate in the brainstorming session

A glass bottle” equips Rosslyn a little unsure of himself.

Nutmeg draws a glass bottle on the brain board. “Now let me ask how is this any different then a wooden box Rosslyn?

Oh alot of things are different, for one it is made of glass and not wood and because the shape of the bottle’s neck and opening it is harder to take stuff out of it” Rosslyn struggles to find the differences

But people can see what is inside, with a wooden box you can’t” Othello chimes in as he high fives his brother.

Ok we have a wooden box and a glass bottle, two great ideas.  but doesn’t really address security data. anyone else?”

A Decoder Ring” Bongo stands up from his chair, the rest of the audience looks around at each other as they are all afraid to admit none of them have any clue what a decoder ring is, except for Lin..

Bongo looks at Lin for support, as Nutmeg begins to draw on the brain board she quickly realizes she doesn’t know what to draw.

Lin stands up and pats Bongo on the head as he walks over to the brain board. “A decoder ring is a ring one wears on their finger that helps them code messages that you send and decode messages you receive.

Chalk me” Lin motions to Mac to throw him a stick.

Lin begins to draw a chart on the brain board. The chart contains two rows, the first row containing various random pictures of objects and then a series of letters and number directly underneath. After he finishes this strange looking chart he moves to the side of the board and proceeds to draw a smiley face, baseball, top hat, light bulb, coffee mug, lighting bolt, ice cream cone and what could only be described as a dog bone.

Once he finally finishes this strange collage of pictures, he turns to the audience and using his bushy tail as a pointer points to the side of the board. “Ok this is a coded message,  you have to use this chart to decode the message.

The first is a smiley face” without having to move his body, he tail moves over to the smiley face on the chart. “What letter is below the smiley face on the chart?

Ohh” some of the audience shouts. Lin writes down the letter O. Tail moves over to the baseball on the chart.  “What about the baseball?

“Veee” even more of the audience chimes in as the Bluffians begin to catch on.

A…L…T…I…N..E!”  With Lin’s help the audience manages to decode the complete message.

Ovaltine?” What does that even mean Lin?” Nutmeg asks.

Lin shrugs his shoulders “Honestly I have no idea, it was written on this decoder ring that Bongo found one day

Lin and I have been using the decoder ring to code all our research experiments, Bongo proudly states. We have no idea what Ovaltine actually means but I will find out one day.

Nutmeg looks over the brain board. Bluffians I think we found our solution.  Now lets talk about creating our own Bluff Street decoder ring.


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