A Two Bird Greeter

Salami Hoo & Memphis Belle sit on the Bluff Street sign post and greet visitors.

Why do you keep calling visitors that?

“Aye Matey” squeaks Memphis, as a visitor drives by the entrance to Bluff Street

“See you just did it again” Salami smiles at Memphis

“What do you call them?”

Hoo with a puzzled expression on his face, “hmm well we just call them humans I guess”

“I never heard that word before…. Humans”

“You’re a parrot” As Hoo taps Memphis on his shoulder. “I am an owl” Hoo states with conviction as he points his own feathered wing to his own belly then spreads both wings out towards the family who are walking towards the entrance of Bluff Street, “and those are humans”

“Aye Matey” squeaks the parrot as the humans walk past the two birds perched on the Bluff Street sign

Hoo can’t help but smile as he quietly says “Aye Matey” to himself, “I must admit it is fun to say”

“Yea I know, Robert always smiled when he said it to others”

“Who?” Hoo asks

Memphis sighs slightly. “Robert was the little boy who I lived with before finding Bluff Street”

“I see” says Hoo who is noticing Memphis Belle starting to share an important memory of his past, many Bluffians have amazing stories to share with each other and Salami loves sitting back and listening to all them.

Memphis begins to tell about Robert.  Robert was a funny little boy. He was always dressing up like a pirate, it doesn’t matter if we were inside or outside playing, he always insisted on having me sit on his shoulder and run up to people and yell “Aye Matey” so you see Salami, where I come from they are all called Aye Matey not Humans.

“hmmm well I can’t argue with that logic”

Salami Hoo and Memphis Belle continue to sit on the sign post for the next hour or so. Silence between the two birds was only broken when an elderly man with an assistance of wooden cane exited Bluff Street and Hoo shouted “Aye Matey” at him. The man turned and smiled as if he was twenty years younger again, and shouted back “Yo-ho-ho”.

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