His Sole

Stuart opens up about his true feelings regarding graduation as he and Salami play impromptu game of ‘rock kick’

I like the wings you picked out Stuart”  Hoo states while running his index finger along a circular pattern on Stuart’s butterfly wing.

ummm Thanks I guess” Stuart responses while kicking small pebbles into the nearby lake.

Salami Hoo noticing Stuart unease and uninterested look upon his face while talking about the pair of wings he picked out during the pre-graduation  event.  Salami rolls a pebble between his toes and begin to follow Stuart’s lead and kicks it into the lake  secretly hoping it goes  further than Stuart’s past attempt.

Why do you want to be a butterfly? Is it because it is your destiny?”  Salami  asks as he reminded of what his dad always told him

We as owls always ask the who questions but the why questions should be asked just as often

I guess but I don’t want to be. I like being a caterpillar that is who I am”  Stuart  answers the question holding back some of rationale as he finds a mid size pebble and surprises Hoo by the distance it goes across the lake.

Why?”  asks Salami Hoo

I am afraid Salami”  Stuart sits on a large rock with his head down in shame

I am scared of heights, I have no desire to flap around in the air like that

Salami Hoo, a young owl thinks to himself puzzled about the prospect of how his own life would be if he was afraid of heights.

So you want to be a caterpillar forever?

Stuart Rufio nods as he watches Salami’s pebble dance on the lake’s water for a second before sinking two inches further than his last kick

Salami Hoo puts his wing on Stuart Rufio to comfort him, “Well then Stu, I guess we have to figure out how to protect your feet for they were not designed to last forever

Stuart smiles as the thought that he doesn’t have to go through with the graduation and become a butterfly after all “How about I  make shoes for my feet, you know like the shoes the humans wear

Salami Hoo begins to laugh at the idea,  “Bluffians don’t wear shoes Stuart

Getting confidence back and holding his head high, selects a fairly large pebble and with the might of all his feet launches  it a good five feet further than Salami’s last attempt.

Stuart turns to Salami and channeling Salami’s father


A Two Bird Greeter

Salami Hoo & Memphis Belle sit on the Bluff Street sign post and greet visitors.

Why do you keep calling visitors that?

“Aye Matey” squeaks Memphis, as a visitor drives by the entrance to Bluff Street

“See you just did it again” Salami smiles at Memphis

“What do you call them?”

Hoo with a puzzled expression on his face, “hmm well we just call them humans I guess”

“I never heard that word before…. Humans”

“You’re a parrot” As Hoo taps Memphis on his shoulder. “I am an owl” Hoo states with conviction as he points his own feathered wing to his own belly then spreads both wings out towards the family who are walking towards the entrance of Bluff Street, “and those are humans”

“Aye Matey” squeaks the parrot as the humans walk past the two birds perched on the Bluff Street sign

Hoo can’t help but smile as he quietly says “Aye Matey” to himself, “I must admit it is fun to say”

“Yea I know, Robert always smiled when he said it to others”

“Who?” Hoo asks

Memphis sighs slightly. “Robert was the little boy who I lived with before finding Bluff Street”

“I see” says Hoo who is noticing Memphis Belle starting to share an important memory of his past, many Bluffians have amazing stories to share with each other and Salami loves sitting back and listening to all them.

Memphis begins to tell about Robert.  Robert was a funny little boy. He was always dressing up like a pirate, it doesn’t matter if we were inside or outside playing, he always insisted on having me sit on his shoulder and run up to people and yell “Aye Matey” so you see Salami, where I come from they are all called Aye Matey not Humans.

“hmmm well I can’t argue with that logic”

Salami Hoo and Memphis Belle continue to sit on the sign post for the next hour or so. Silence between the two birds was only broken when an elderly man with an assistance of wooden cane exited Bluff Street and Hoo shouted “Aye Matey” at him. The man turned and smiled as if he was twenty years younger again, and shouted back “Yo-ho-ho”.

Homer sits and thinks some more

Salami Hoo and Bluffians have a problem within the corn fields, Luckily with Homer S’s wit and brains he comes up with a plan.

On the outskirts of Bluff Street lies an open field that every spring the Bluffians join together and plant corn. You see Bluffians absolutely love corn. Popcorn, corn on the cob, corn chowder, corndogs, they love corn in any form. Every fall they even have a corn harvest party.
Last fall, the harvest did not produce enough corn to satisfy the Bluffians. You see, the crows ate most of the crop and left little for the Bluffians.  Salami Hoo decided that this spring he was going to hire a scarecrow to scare away the crows.  He searched high and low for the perfect scarecrow, he interviewed many and finally found the perfect one.  Mr. Homer S. Scarecrow was hired and for the small price of 20 jbeans per day.
Mr. Homer S. Scarecrow found the perfect spot in the middle of the cornfield.  The Bluffians built a nice wooden stand so that Homer S. (as he preferred to be called) could stand tall and watch from all directions for those pesky crows.
For the first week, Homer S. did not see one single crow.  The Bluffians were pleased that Homer S. was doing such a fine job. Then on Wednesday of the following week, a crow was circling the cornfield. Homer S. watched, and just when he was about to wave his arms to shoo the crow away, the crow flew right near Homer S and then landed right smack dab on Homer S.’s shoulder.

Hello Mr. Scarecrow,” stated the crow.  “My name is Corn E. Crow, because I love to eat corn.  What is your name?” asked the crow.

My name is Homer S. Scarecrow, but I like to be called Homer S for short,” he replied.

“Tell me a joke then,” Corn E Crow said.

“A joke?” Homer S pondered.

“Why yes, I love jokes, and since your name is Humorous, I figured you were a jokester!”

“Do you love jokes more than corn?” Asked Homer S. (he didn’t want to correct the way Corn E Crow pronounced his name until he answered the question).

“Oh Yes! I’d rather hear jokes than eat corn” stated Corn E. Crow.

Homer S. thought for a few minutes and decided to try and use this information to his advantage. “Mr. Corn E. Crow, I have a great proposition for you,” Homer S stated, “If I tell you a joke once a day, will you not eat the corn and also make sure your other crow friends don’t eat it either?”

“Why yes!” Stated Corn E Crow stated, “my other crow friends love to hear jokes much more than eating corn!”

Homer S. went one step further to ensure that Corn E. Crow would keep his word, by proclaiming that every day a Corn E joke would be told. Corn E. Crow felt very important.
Homer S then stated in a booming voice, Today’s Corn E joke of the day is:
Why did the bicycle fall over?
Because it was too tired
Corn E. Crow flapped his wings with delight and said that was the funniest joke he ever heard!

Burning Wax

In between games, Salami Hoo often finds time to tend to the Candle Wall. He usually visits the wall alone but this particular evening he is accompanied by a curious young Bongo.

Why are you doing that?” Bongo asks as Salami Hoo angles his candle so that the liquid wax pours into a plastic mold.

Because that is how the Candle Wall works Bongo,”  he responds as he concentrates his attention so the wax doesn’t spill on to his feathers.

The plastic mold that is holding the melted wax is in the shape of a thin circle disk with the same diameter of the candles that reside along the wall. The wall itself is about 150 blufftons across and 12 blufftons high and a candle holder every half bluffton apart. Each candle is of various heights as they all continue to burn. The wall is rather impressive to look at but even more so when gazing upon it when the sun is set, and the moon is high above in the sky.

As the liquid wax in the mold begins to cool, Salami Hoo and Bongo Terrapin walk along the wall of candles and stops at a red and blue striped candle that is easily one of the shortest candles found on the wall.
Who’s candle is this one?” Bongo asks Salami who finds the whole thing fascinating.

I don’t really know Bongo,” he replys as trying to carefully removes the wax from the mold tray in hopes the wax keeps the disc form.

With the wax disc in one wing, he lifts the red and blue striped candle from the holder and securely pushes the wax from the mold to the bottom of the candle. Salami Hoo’s green wax disc is now a part of the red and blue and now green striped candle.

There, now this one can burn a little longer,” Salami Hoo proudly states.

If all the candle needs is wax to burn, why doesn’t everyone just make the wax discs and apply it to there own candles?” Bongo scratches his head as he continues to ask questions so he understands how everything around him works.

That is not how candles or the candle wall work,” Samali Hoo smiles as Bongo continues to learn and take notes regarding everything that Salami Hoo is doing.

You see Bongo, when you have a candle on the candle wall, you are making a commitment to keep your candle burning brightly.  All these candles require wax to burn but you can’t reuse your own wax on your candle, new wax needs to come from other candles.” Salami spreads both of his wings out to point to all the candles.

Is that why they all have different colors?

Exacally” Salami Hoo pats Bongo on the head as he proudly feels Bongo grasps the candle wall.

Why do you even have a candle Salami

Well, people light candles on the wall for all sorts of reasons, Bongo,”  Salami reflects as images of his dad pop in his mind. One such vivid image is his dad throwing a green duffle bag over his wing and handing Salami his hat. For me, I lit my candle the day after my dad left for his trip because I missed him greatly.

Bongo, while looking down the wall as the sun begins to set, thinks about his older brother. “Tomorrow Salami can you teach me how to make a candle?

Of course,” Salami says as he pours wax from his candle to form another disc.

Apple, Lighting Bolt, Ice Cream Cone and a Thumbs Up

The Office of the Bit is holding a meeting to discuss better ways to secure data due to someone breaking into Stuart’s shoe store and stealing all the Bluffian’s feet info

But how can I make sure that my customer data for my store isn’t stolen again Nutmeg?” a furious Stuart raises his hand during the monthly meeting of the “The Office of the Bit”

“What data was stolen again Stuart?” Nutmeg asks Stuart as she sits at the head table overseeing the meeting with Mace sitting to her left.

All my customer’s heel to toe length, arch length and width of each of their feet” Stuart recites from memory the screen that displays all the collected data.

I see…pretty personally information I take it?” inquires Mace who is assisting Nutmeg with writing down the minutes of the meeting.

Yes very personal,would you like people to know that you have very large feet but the arch of your left foot is slightly smaller then your right Mace?” Stuart says realizing that he just exposed Mace’s private feet information. “Umm I mean hypothetical speaking of course” Stuarts attempts to correct himself

Yes of course hypothetically speaking” Mace smiles, for it seems Stuart is the only one in the meeting who considers a Bluffian’s foot information as highly coveted private intel.

To answer your question Stuart.  I can’t promise that the your system can’t be broken into and someone stealing your data. Even though I don’t view information about our feet as all that personal.  I do recognize that the information is important to you and we need to work together to create a more secure way to store stuff.” Nutmeg stands up and walks over to the brain board

The brain board is one of first tools the Bluffians used to communicate and discuss ideas to improve the life. It is comprised of a fairly large slate stone attached to two equality sized wooden planks fastened to each side by rope. Even though the brain board isn’t used much anymore since the rise of the the COS tablet. Nutmeg always insists on using it when brainstorming ideas during The Office of the Bit meetings.

Alright Bluffians. Let’s hear some ideas on how we can better protect our information and content. Nutmeg attempting to get the conversation started.

The Tamburello bothers look at each other and shout almost in union. “A Wooden Box

um ok good” Nutmeg draws a box on the brain board. “And how would this wooden box work?” she asks the brothers.

Othello looks at Carmello, “Well we would build a square with four sides and a bottom that are attached to each other as well as a top that will be separate and you can place things inside the square and place the top and secure the top with rope and a pad lock. ” Othello wings his response as it is clear not much thought has gone into it

The might be good for physical things but what about things like Stuart’s customer data?  Would you guys build a wooden box that fits his files.” Carmello looks over at Othello and shrugs his shoulders. I have no idea it was all Othello’s idea.

Anyone else?  Right now we a wooden box as our solution to this problem”   Nutmeg again attempts to incourage the audience to participate in the brainstorming session

A glass bottle” equips Rosslyn a little unsure of himself.

Nutmeg draws a glass bottle on the brain board. “Now let me ask how is this any different then a wooden box Rosslyn?

Oh alot of things are different, for one it is made of glass and not wood and because the shape of the bottle’s neck and opening it is harder to take stuff out of it” Rosslyn struggles to find the differences

But people can see what is inside, with a wooden box you can’t” Othello chimes in as he high fives his brother.

Ok we have a wooden box and a glass bottle, two great ideas.  but doesn’t really address security data. anyone else?”

A Decoder Ring” Bongo stands up from his chair, the rest of the audience looks around at each other as they are all afraid to admit none of them have any clue what a decoder ring is, except for Lin..

Bongo looks at Lin for support, as Nutmeg begins to draw on the brain board she quickly realizes she doesn’t know what to draw.

Lin stands up and pats Bongo on the head as he walks over to the brain board. “A decoder ring is a ring one wears on their finger that helps them code messages that you send and decode messages you receive.

Chalk me” Lin motions to Mac to throw him a stick.

Lin begins to draw a chart on the brain board. The chart contains two rows, the first row containing various random pictures of objects and then a series of letters and number directly underneath. After he finishes this strange looking chart he moves to the side of the board and proceeds to draw a smiley face, baseball, top hat, light bulb, coffee mug, lighting bolt, ice cream cone and what could only be described as a dog bone.

Once he finally finishes this strange collage of pictures, he turns to the audience and using his bushy tail as a pointer points to the side of the board. “Ok this is a coded message,  you have to use this chart to decode the message.

The first is a smiley face” without having to move his body, he tail moves over to the smiley face on the chart. “What letter is below the smiley face on the chart?

Ohh” some of the audience shouts. Lin writes down the letter O. Tail moves over to the baseball on the chart.  “What about the baseball?

“Veee” even more of the audience chimes in as the Bluffians begin to catch on.

A…L…T…I…N..E!”  With Lin’s help the audience manages to decode the complete message.

Ovaltine?” What does that even mean Lin?” Nutmeg asks.

Lin shrugs his shoulders “Honestly I have no idea, it was written on this decoder ring that Bongo found one day

Lin and I have been using the decoder ring to code all our research experiments, Bongo proudly states. We have no idea what Ovaltine actually means but I will find out one day.

Nutmeg looks over the brain board. Bluffians I think we found our solution.  Now lets talk about creating our own Bluff Street decoder ring.


Lin’s Discovery

Bongo grows frustrated as the eating habits of the red heads continue to evade him and Lin’s research.

They are simply not eating Lin” Bongo says frustrated in the fact they have yet to witness the red head bugs eat anything.

Bongo grabs the petri dish and walks by the various size glass tanks that align the back wall of Lin’s research lab and proceeds to empty the dish into the tank marked ‘Bongo’s Red Heads’. It wasn’t too long ago the tank housed only a handful of red heads that Bongo managed to find. Now by Bongo’s last count it is well over two hundred and continues to increase every week.

Well we know they do in fact eat because the food we leave in the tank is gone by the next morning”  Lin encourages Bongo. “Don’t worry Bongo we will document their eating habits in no time

The red heads from the petri dish mix back in with the others and the three blackberries bongo used lands at the bottom of tank. None of the red heads are remotely interested in the food.

Time of test is half past six and blackberries resulted in no change of behavior” Bongo states to Lin so he can document the results in the research journal app. “Well I guess I should head home and work on my homework.  Pip is having us work on our multiplication tables” As Bongo begins to gather his belongings.

Lin, who invented the multiplication table” Bongo asks curiously as he looks at his blank homework assignment.

“Good question Bongo” Lin turns to Bongo and smiles as he knew Bongo will ask such a question. “The oldest multiplication table using the base 10 number system dates back to around 305 BC in China which they used sticks or slips of bamboo

Lin takes ten red vine candies out of lab coat and lays them out side by side and proceeds to explain the history of the Tsinghua Bamboo Slips. As Lin dives into Bongo continues to listen and continues to ask about everything he doesn’t understand.

An hour goes by and the alarm on Bongo’s COS tablet begins to vibrate.

Oh man I have to go Lin” I was suppose to be home an hour ago. Tomorrow I think I will try blueber…” Bongo’s voice begins trails off as he quickly leaves the research lab.

Lin returns to his computer and enters today’s test results into the file labeled “RED HEAD”. After the sun has long been set and nine red vines now safely secured in his own stomach, he begins to gather the various things he is going to take home and starts to close up the research lab. Grabbing the last red vine in his hand he walks over to the glass tanks and makes sure all is safe and sound for the night.

Lin stops for a second at the tank marked “Bongo’s Red Heads” and notices the blackberries are all but gone in the tank. Lin begins to chew on his last red vine.

“Of course you all eat when Bongo and I aren’t watching..You all have stage fright and don’t like eating in front of people or something?” Lin asks the bugs as if they can understand him.

Here maybe some candy will calm your nerves” Lin opens the top of the tank and throws a half chewed red vine in the tank.

No more than a millisecond later when the red vine lands on the bottom of the tank a swarm of red heads cover every dixie bluffton of it. Lin looks on with amazement, quickly grabbing his COS tablet to document the event.

Nine o clock: The red heads begin to swarm the stick of red vines. as they swarm around it, the red vine begins to change color.  The red vine stick of candy is now a green vine stick

Bongo.. Bongo come quick, they are eating, the are EATING”  Lin excitedly messages Bongo. “I will be right over please don’t feed them anything until I get there” Bongo replies.

As Lin awaits Bongo arrival he carefully reaches his furry hand inside the tank and with tweezers in between his fingers he picks up the red vine which is now green and places it on a pedri dish and adjusts the microscope.

Amazing” Lin practically falls out of his chair as he eyes glued to the microscope.

It’s my turn, let me see. I am the scientist” an out of breathe Bongo states as he rushes into the lab.

Right you are, I was just setting it for you Mr. Bongo” Lin laughs as he adjusts the seat for Bongo and helps him into position

Oh  Lin the red head bodies are no longer clear, they are green!” Bongo continues to give a play by play with everything he witnessing. “It looks like the red vine is still red but the large numbers of red heads covering the red vine makes it appear as though the candy is in fact green.

Bongo watches the red heads eat the candy until there is nothing left. As the food disappears so does their bodies return to a clear state.

That was amazing Lin” Bongo hops and skips to the tank and returns the red heads to the their tank.

Do you think they only eat candy Lin?”

Maybe Bongo, Maybe.  But what I do know after reviewing all our past experiments is that they appear to only eat at night” Lin states to Bongo  as he finishing up the last part of the file.

“That is a hypothesis right Lin

Lin pats Bongo on the head. “Yep that is exactly right Bongo. Now what is your hypothesis?”  Lin asks

After a second or two Bongo states his hypothesis “My hypothesis is that red heads bodies change color based on what they eat”

Ok so what is your procedure to prove or deny your hypothesis?” Lin queries Bongo to guide him in the scientific method

Bongo begins to outline his plan and Lin types it into file.

Scientist: Bongo Terrapin
Hypothesis: The bodies of Red Heads change color based on what they are eating
Time of day: every day at nine at night, Location: Research Lab
Day 1: Blueberries
Day 2: Green Beans
Day 3: Oranges
Day 4: Popcorn
Day 5: Blackberries

Counting The Beans

After an intense debate during the the weekly voting session, Rosslyn , the newly appointed officer of the ‘vote’ proceeds to put the matter of amendment number two point twenty-two of the Bluff Scrolls to a close. This Tale is a peak into the weird but fair way residents of Bluff Street vote for changes to the rules that govern them.

“Alright sit down everyone,”  he says as he looks onto the crowd of his fellow bluffians.

“In the matter of amendment number two point twenty-two of the Bluff Scrolls,” pauses for effect, “The time for discussion has now been expired. Is there a bluffian who wishes to  call  for a vote on amendment number two point twenty-two of the Bluff Scrolls?” he asks as Rosslyn stares into the now seated crowd.

“Marco” is heard from the back of the room.

“Is there a second?” Rosslyn eagerly awaits a second.

“Polo” is loudly hear from middle of the room.

“Great, in the matter of amendment number two point twenty-two of the Bluff Scrolls now comes the final vote.  Everyone please remove your blind folds” Rosslyn turns to his young assistant “Clarendon please prepare the room for a vote.”

Clarendon proceeds to roll the rather large glass bottle to the center of the room and places the various size makeshift stairs along it’s side. Once he confirms the stairs are securely fashioned, he pulls the cord with his mighty elephant trunk and the large privacy curtain surrounds the voting booth.

As the room is getting prepared, the once seated crowd of bluffians begin to get up and move around the community center of the Blue House. Those that are in favor of the amendment number two point twenty two of the Bluff Scrolls begin to gather on the left side of room and those that oppose start to form a group on the right.

“Carmelo how many beans are you putting up to vote?” Othello whispers so the other group doesn’t overhear the discussion.

“I brought twenty beans with me, but I am only voting for ten in case it ends in a tie don’t want to get into a situation like last week,” Carmelo responds as he digs through his toolbox.

“Ok, well maybe only five, as I guess I lost some beans on the way over,” Carmelo shrugged as he mentally retraces his steps.

The huddled crowd around him laughs and continue to discuss with each other the number of beans each are using to vote.

“In the matter of amendment number two point twenty-two of the Bluff Scrolls we have three minutes remaining in the vote!” Rosslyn announces, glancing at his COS tablet.

In an orderly fashion bluffians on either side line up, enter the booth one at a time, and begin to insert their beans into the glass bottle. Because the bottle is slightly longer then 9 blufftons, the smaller bluffians use the stairs to assist them.

In the matter of amendment number two point twenty-two of the Bluff Scrolls we have one minute remaining in the vote,” is heard from Rosslyn as he begins to prepare the next phase.

As each bluffian cast their vote they walk, crawl, or fly back to where their associated group has formed.

In the matter of amendment number two point twenty-two of the Bluff Scrolls voting is now considered closed. Clarendon please prepare the guess” Rosslyn turns to Clarendon and nods.

“Sorry Bongo, the voting is now over”  Clarendon helps Bongo off the stairs carrying with him a fist full of beans .

With one full swing of his trunk, Clarendon pulls the cord and raises the curtain relieving the moderately filled glass bottle. As the bluffians study the bottle, Clarendon hands each group their guess paddle which consists of a finely carved white wooden sticks affixed with a chalk slate securely tied to one end. This guess paddle is a tradition of sorts for Bluff Street as it hearkens back to the of the old way of communicating and sharing ideas before Nutmeg, Bluff Street’s tech savvy squirrel, invented the Chalk Operating System, COS.

The two groups discuss privately with each other as they try to add up the numbers of beans they each contributed, as well as study the bottle get an educated idea of their guess.

In the matter of amendment number two point twenty-two of the Bluff Scrolls we shall now conclude the matter. Those that are in favor of amendment number two point twenty-two of the Bluff Scrolls please reveal your guess”

Bluffians on the left raise their guess paddle to the sky and flips it over relieving the number.
“Four hundred and twenty-nine!”  they proudly shout in unison.

“In the matter of amendment number two point twenty two of the Bluff Scrolls let the record show those in favor have guessed four hundred and twenty-six.”

“Found hundred and twenty-nine!”  the crowd yells back to correct Rosslyn

In the matter of amendment number two point twenty two of the Bluff Scrolls let the record show those in favor have guessed four hundred and twenty-NINE,” pauses slightly to make sure everyone is happy.

“Those that oppose the amendment number two point twenty two please reveal your guess”

The right side of the room, takes their guess paddle and raises it high in the air and shouts “Three hundred and Five.”

In the matter of amendment number two point twenty two of the Bluff Scrolls let the record show that those that oppose have guessed three hundred and five,”  Rosslyn states a little unsure of himself.

“Clarendon  please prepare the count,” Rosslyn motions to him.

Clarendon walks over to the glass bottle and places his trunk on the opening. With a deep breath begins to suck up every last bean like a vacuum cleaner.

Once every bean is collected he and the rest of the bluffians begins to crowd around the bean counter machine. As a spray of beans are shot into the machine, the dial counter steadily increases.

Three hundred and sixty-eight,” Clarendon writes on a notepad and hands to Rosslyn.

“In the matter of amendment number two point twenty-two of the Bluff Scrolls let the record show that the number of votes for amendment number two point twenty two of the Bluff Scrolls is three hundred and sixty-eight,” Rosslyn states as he types various numbers in the calculator app of his COS tablet.

Those on the left of the community center begin to let out various high fives among each other.

After a short pause for calculation Rosslyn clears his throat.
In the matter of amendment number two point twenty-two of the Bluff Scrolls, the closest guess of four hundred and twenty-NINE means we bluffians have voted in favor for amendment number two point twenty-two of the Bluff Scrolls. So let it be written. So let it be done.   Thanks everyone. don’t forget Bingo starts in thirty minutes.”

As the crowd begins to file out Bongo looks down at his hand and puts his five beans away “oh well.”

Nutmeg’s Dev Diary 2.01502

Regarding the TenFour project, still running into issues with getting the entries saving to the CBSD (Central Bluff Street Database). I am worried about speed of transferring all the data from everyone’s personal tablet to the CBSD.I know Salami Hoo approached me to build an app for the COS tablet so every night we can share what we all grateful for, but unless I totally rewrite the CBSD structure, I just don’t think we can handle everyone filling out 14 lines of text every single night.

Based on the latest test I did however manage to consistently save seven lines of text per entry with no dip in performance of the CBSD nor the tablet. I had to modify the network signal of the input module of the CBSD to accept a proposed heavy increase numbers of text files per minute.

If my test results are accurate then we should be fine with 1000 files per minute.

Next on my punch list for this project is to write a small echo script file so Salami Hoo can select the entrys that he wants to publish in the morning. Maybe if I have time left over I can write a randomizer for him so he doesn’t have to review them at all.

Hopefully he will be at bingo tonight and I can talk to him about reducing the number of entries per player from 14 down to 7. Maybe call it Five Plus Two or something

Bongo’s Discovery

What in the world is this Lin?” Bongo asked, grasping for air as he ran over to Lin’s workshop as fast as his legs could take him.

Lin leans back and takes the glass bottle from Bongo’s extended hand that was excitingly shoved less then 2 inches from Lin’s face.

Ha! I have no idea Bongo, but let’s take a closer look under the microscope shall we” Lin smiled at Bongo for he knows the great joy Bongo has with all of his tools in the workshop, especially his microscope. He always finds random items to inspect on the slides.

Bongo is the type of kid who is always exploring the world around him and often times inquiring about things, to the annoyance of most. After five back to back questions, most Bluffians start to find him bothersome. Lin is different, he never seems to mind Bongo’s consistent questioning and at times rather enjoys it. Bongo’s spirit reminds him of his youth.

Lin asks for assistance in setting up the microscope as he opens the bottle and, with a pair of tweezers in hand, ever so gently transfers the tiny thing from Bongo’s warn out bottle to a freshly cleaned petri dish.

Lin, why do we say ‘pair of tweezers’ when it is just one?

Is each pointy end called a tweezer?” Bong inquires as he watches Lin concentrate with all his might transferring the tiny unknown thing

Good question, Bongo,

We can research that later okay? Right now let’s figure out what this thing is,” says Lin while his eyes fixated at the task at hand, tongue slightly sticking out as the level of concentration increases.

Lin briefly looks down the lens of the microscope and adjusts the magnification to remove the blurriness

My eyes aren’t what they used to be Bongo, mind taking a look and telling me what you see?” he said as he stepped down from the chair.

Sure I will Lin” Bongo proudly states, trying to sound as professional as possible, as though imitating a successful scientist.

Lin helps Bongo onto the chair and reaches underneath the base to raise it just far enough for Bongo to reach the microscope. Lin watches with amusement as Bongo’s neck grows out of his shell attempting to reach it.

Holy Moly! What is this thing Lin?” Bongo yells as his eyes practically glued to the eye sockets of the microscope watching with great excitement as the tiny thing in the petri dish flew around.

I have no idea Bongo, I didn’t see anything. My old eyes had a hard time trying to find the thing,” Len said, “What do you see?

No problem Lin, I will help you research and document this creature,” Bongo says as he begins his highly detailed description.

It is definitely alive Lin. It is a bug of some sort…with wings like a fly but not as boring to look at. It appears red in nature…but not completely red. like half red,”  Bongo pauses as he adjusts the microscope settings. “Yes totally half red. Only the face or head part is red the rest of the thing is white or maybe even clear I can’t tell. The body sort of matches that of the bottom of the microscope.

Lin records everything Bongo is saying into his app on the computer tablet.

Hmm, I never saw such a thing,” Lin mentions to Bongo.  “Because it seems we have discovered a new creature we have to give it an official name.

Red Heads!” Bongo proclaimed with great confidence.

Lin laughs out loud as he labels the new entry “RED HEAD”